Metallurgical Engineering

Thediscipline ofmetallurgical engineering is the keydisciplinein ShaanxiProvince, while, thesubjectof metallurgical engineering is the famous brand and characteristicspecialty in Shaanxi Province, and is included in the first batch of national outstanding engineer training program.Thisdiscipline was established in 1958bythe Ministry of Metallurgical Industry and is the only suchkind setin the northwesternChina.Themaster's degree authorizationofmetallurgicalphysicsand chemistry and ferrousmetallurgywas obtainedin 1986and 1989, respectively. The primary disciplinemaster's degreeofmetallurgical engineeringwasauthorizedin 2005, which includes three subordinate disciplines like metallurgical physics and chemistry, non-ferrous metallurgy, and ferrous metallurgy.We have national and provincial teaching & research platforms such asNational Experimental&TeachingDemonstrationCenterofMetallurgical Technology,Key Laboratory ofGold andResources in Shaanxi Province,Metallurgical Engineering Technology Research Center of Shaanxi Province, etc. The discipline has several directions including pyrometallurgicalprocessoptimization andenergyconservation,effective utilizationofcomplexpolymetallicassociatedore,metallurgicalcontaminantcontrol andresourcesutilization,specialmetallurgy andpreparation of high-performancemetalmaterials,developmentofraremetalsmeltingnewprocesses,newenergymaterials anddevices.

Materials processing engineering

Materials processing engineering is a key discipline in Shaanxi province. It has the scientific research platform of “materials science and engineering post-doctoral research station” and the conferral right of “materials science and engineering” first-level discipline doctor. The discipline consists of two undergraduate majors: materials forming and control engineering, and metallic materials engineering. Among them, the major of materials forming and control engineering is the first batch of outstanding engineer training program in the country, and the major of professional comprehensive reform pilot program in Shaanxi province. The major of metallic materials engineering is the famous brand in Shaanxi province. The discipline has national-level experimental teaching demonstration center, national-local cooperative engineering research center for functional materials processing, Shaanxi provincial key laboratory of molybdenum metallurgy materials, Shaanxi provincial functional material processing engineering research center and other national and provincial-level teaching and research platforms, with 3 provincial-level teaching teams. The disciplines include preparation and processing of rare metal materials, research and development of ultra-fine crystal materials, research and development of new magnesium alloy products, new technologies for metal pressure processing, new technologies for surface modification of materials, and new technologies of advanced material connection.


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