Founded in 1958, havinga long history and profound culture, gathering theearliest experts and scholars in metallurgy and metal materials processing in the early years of liberationduring the early established period, theschoolof Metallurgical Engineeringwas the only one of MetallurgicalScience andMetalMaterialProcessingwithcomplete disciplinesset in northwest China in 1950s, and also one ofthenational keyscience and education basesof Metallurgical andMetalMaterialsProcessing.

Currently, we have onepostdoctoral research station forMaterialsScience andEngineering,twoprimary Doctoralprogramsof MetallurgicalEngineeringandMaterialScience andEngineering,and twoprimary Master programsofMetallurgicalEngineering,MaterialsScience andEngineering.It has four undergraduate majors, namely Metallurgical Engineering,MaterialForming andControlEngineering,MetalMaterialEngineering, New Materials and Devices, fully covered by Doctoral and MasterPrograms. We have about 1800 full-time undergraduates, 400 Master students, and 50 doctoral students. Up to now,nearlyten thousandsmanagement talents and business backbones for both the country and industryhave been cultivated. Many graduates have become leaders of the Ministry ofnation, the province (city) and large enterprises,or national experts withoutstanding contributions, technical backbones offactoriesand research institutes; also,an alumnus was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.At present, there are nearly one hundred alumni whoare leadersabove the department levelin national government agencies, or abovedeputy general managersof state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises.

Our schoolhas a strongteacher teamwith96full-timefacultyand staff, including 26 professors,32 associate professors and senior engineers, 16doctoral supervisors, 7 academicians of“Hundred-Talent Program”of Shaanxi Province, 2 people of Shaanxi Nova Program. Besides, the school has36 part-time professors, including 11 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering.Our faculties are100%graduated,and 87.6%ofthemhold adoctoral degree.

We have 9 national and provincial teaching & research platforms, includingNational Joint Engineering Research Center for national functional materials processing,National Experimental&TeachingDemonstrationCenterofMetallurgical Technology,Key Laboratory ofGold andResources in Shaanxi Province, etc.In recent years,we havenot onlyundertaken more than 50 nationalprojects such as the “863 Plan”, “973 Plan”, “theTwelfth Five-Year” science and technology support program, andKey Projects ofNational Natural Science Foundation,but alsomore than 100 provincialkey projects and enterprise horizontal projects.Besides, more than 90 achievements have been made, more than 100 national invention patents have been approved, and more than 40 national and provincial scienceand technologyprogress awards have beenwon, i.e.Second PrizeofNational Science and Technology Progress,First Prize of Shaanxi Science and Technology Progress,First PrizeofGansu Province Science and Technology Progress,First Prize of Science and Technology Progress of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, etc.

TheSchooladheringto the principle of “focusing on the growth of students, taking care of students, and servingall aspects ofstudents”, has built an all-in-one cultivation system of“Strengthening morality education as the main line, Platform activities as the starting point,standard construction as the guarantee”, with lots of our own characteristics, in order topromote students' all-round development andleadstudentsintothe backup forcefornational construction.Thetrainedstudentsfrom our schoolhave high comprehensive quality, strong innovation ability,good tolerance, and high social evaluation.In past five years, our students on campus have published 700 research papers or so, of which 120 papers were indexed by SCI/EI, and more than ten national invention patents written by undergraduates have been approved.One student won the3rd China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award, and three students won the special award for outstanding students of Baosteel Education Award Fund, accounting for threeseventhsof the numberof the whole university.The ratio of supply and demand of graduates has been maintained at more than 1:5. The four undergraduate majorsof our schoolentitled“Graduates with a100% professional employment rate”, haswon the honorary title of "advanced collective of employment work"many times.

In recent years we had undertaken more than 20 international and domestic academic conferences, and had regularacademic exchanges with universities in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, etc. During“the Thirteenth Five-year”period, wewill continue to adhere to thephilosophy ofstudent-oriented, promote education and teaching reform, improve the quality of personnel training, and strive to buildahigh-level college with distinctive characteristics.

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